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"I have a question..." Simply email your questions to support@mishell.ca
otherwise your message will be discarded.
"I have paid, but haven't received my registration code." Do not panic, check you Spam folder, look for emails
with the "Budget Calendar Registration" subject. If it is not there, email us
with a valid email address and include your phone number.
We will call you if we still can't email you.
"I lost my registration code." Email us, and we will reply with your registration code. Should you elect to buy again and ask for a refund, a $3 fee will be charged.
How do I share my budget data files between devices? Data files are the desktop:
  • The data file path and name are displayed in the Title bar of the window. Note this location;
  • Copy the data file to a dropbox or google drive folder;
  • Wait for this file to sync with the other devices;
  • Open on the device(s).

Data files are the mobile device:
  • Open Budget Calendar App;
  • Click on Tripple Dots, In the menu click on 'File' item;
  • You data file(s) should be displayed in the File Dialog, click on the file;
  • in the menu select 'Move to external storage' (/Download);
  • Open an Android File browser and copy the data file from /Download to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder;
  • Wait for the file to sync with the other devices;
  • Open on the other device(s) and on the device too.
Note: Simultaneous editing of the same data file is not supported. The last edited file is going to prevail.

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