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DirDup -- Directory Duplicator

Why did I write it? Because XCOPY was too slow for my needs and was lacking a compare/verify feature, so I decided to write my own utility. Besides being a good JAVA exercise, I knew I would use it every day, and I do use it everyday: I use it to backup my development computer to a memory stick.

Here is a short summary of what dirdup does:

  • Copies directories
  • Exclude list allows you to exclude specified files from copying
  • Quick Copy Mode: checks the files' dates/size before making the decision to copy -- this can save a lot of time when backing up to a slow-write device, such as flash memory sticks
  • Full Copy Mode: compares all of the files in the destination and source directories - even if the size and dates match, DirDup does a byte-by-byte comparison to detect data deterioration
  • Validates source files before they are copied - ensures that a good backup file isn't overwritten by an incomplete or damaged source file
  • Displays copied files, file statistics, and (most importantly) any errors in the log window
  • You can run any task automatically, just pass it as the argument to dirdup. You can easily create a shortcut for your backup task.
  • Command line options are available in the Task Editing Dialog.
  • Use dirdup.exe -i to get the latest command line options
  • New command line option '-X' allows execution of command when the work is done.


Download is here: dirdup.exe version 2r164 -- May 31st, 2011

Console version download is here: dirdup-c.exe version 2r164 -- May 31st, 2011

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