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“Budget Calendar is almost exactly what I was looking for. The ability to visually see each days balance in calendar format adds a degree of security to my personal finances that a spreadsheet simply can not replicate. I no longer question just how much money I will have in the future, Budget Calendar allows me to easily estimate future transactions, and properly track actual transactions. I tried the trial version and decided to pay for it within about tens minutes of using it. Thank you for a great product!”
Robert from Florida

“I've used your marvelous Budget Calendar for several years now and will NEVER be without it! It is easy to use, works perfectly, and for those of us who are visually oriented, is absolutely essential in monitoring cash flow. Even though I've used Quicken since Version 1, I depend heavily on your product to help me budget.
Thank you!”
Carolyn Rogoff, Administrative Assistant, West Palm Beach, Florida

“You have no idea how much I love your budget calendar -- all the other programs were budget oriented but did nothing to solve 'cash flow' issues -- ours is a 2 paycheque home -- one paycheque is monthly, the other every two weeks -- your calendar shows us the days we're going to run out of money even though, technically, we have more than enough every month. It makes such a difference!

When I found your calendar I literally shouted EUREKA!

Thank you so much for such a highly useable, easy, and absolutely irreplaceable budget tool.”
Sharon Ricci, Advertising Copywriter, Hamilton, Ontario

“Thank you so much. I have to tell you that this software is totally going to save my life. My fiancÚ and I were totally killing each other over how to budget for our wedding and pay deposits without overdrawing our bank account. We are both very creative visual people and excel spreadsheets were driving us to tears. This is so simple and makes so much sense to use! We can tell it was created by a real human, not some confusing software company. ”
Kelly Ptacek, Marketing Coordinator, Seattle, WA

“Budget Calendar for Mac is exactly what I was looking for: software that could tell me where my budget would be on any particular day. It's fantastic seeing our budget projected for the whole year, knowing how aggressively I can pay off a debt without letting the bank account dip below my comfort level, and knowing how much I should set aside each week to pay for an upcoming vacation. Thanks for making it affordable and so easy to use.”
Joan Sherwood, Editor, Atlanta, Georgia

“I just downloaded your budget calendar (or Mac OS X) and I'm very impressed... the layout and functionality are what I've been looking for a long time.”
Rich Woods, Computer Programmer, Brooklyn, NY

“I just wanted to let you know what a useful program your Budget Calendar is. It's a well spent 15 dollars. I don't usually write software fan letters, but I was compelled to, by the quality of your product.”
Dave Richards, Mental Health Counselor, NJ, Hackensack

“Thank you for making such a simple, useful program.
I couldn't even get MS Money to do some of this stuff, and it takes up 500 MB on a hard drive!”
Melissa, Cartographer, USA.

“Thanks--it looks like a great program!”
Beki Moody, Web Site Coordinator, California

 “Thanks again for this great product”
Charles Josephs, Student, Florida

“Thank you. I will recommend you to all my friends!”
Larry Horat, CA Real Estate Professional, San Diego, CA

“Thanks for the great job on the application.”
Jimmi Apocho, Telecom Consultant, Orlando, FL

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