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Budget Calendar Modification History:

1.11.3651 --  March 8, 2024 ( Windows | Mac Intel | Mac M1 and up)

  • cadence update -- all the goodness of the supporting libs
  • Bar graphs are zero based to have a better representation of proportions.
  • New option -- preserve transactions' colors when printing monthly calendar
  • Fixed bug -- filtering of items with NO icon may result in missing their transaction amount.
  • Pressing END key -- will switch to the month with the latest balance adjustment, if needed, and flash the cell.
  • Fixed bug when allowing cross process DnD, an info message will be posted.
  • Fixed loan remaing amount calculations when transactions change sign.

1.11.3425 --  June 15, 2023

  • cadence update of the internal gears, mac M1 and up are at BudgetCalendar for M1
  • Changes to reduce resource consumption when working with hundreds of transactions in a month
  • Added 'Auto switch to the new day'
  • Added aarch64 build for MacOS, aka M1, M2? :-)
  • Print/HTML reports using embedded images
  • Mac: Removed 'Exit' menu item from the File menu
  • minor bug fixes.
  • Hovering over 'Disposable income' shows the description of the calendar figures.
  • cadeance updates.
  • Fixed a rare (!) crash when trying to open 'All payments' window.
  • Transaction's Amount Adjustment dialog -- Alt+OK button will show Note Edit/Add Dialog for this transation.

1.11.2793 --  Dec 23, 2021

  • no code changes, just [re]-packaging
  • Windows: Switching to Windows MSI installer. BudgetCalendar.exe won't update past 1.11.2793, but will redirect to the BudgetCalendar.msi
  • Mac: Updated BudgetCalendar.dmg, it is signed with my Apple Developer ID, and also notarize by Apple.

1.10.26xx --  (no milestone release, changes rolled-up into 1.11.2793)

  • Fixed 'Cancel' on Close, when 'Auto Save' is disabled.
  • Windows: Trying to do better when starting the app, maximized, but on the primary monitor.
  • Fixed minor bug when 'alter payment', and adjusting starting date of the new payment to be before the original payment's starting data
  • New option: 'Always Show Balance' or sometimes. Namely on the days with affected balance and the 1st and the last days of a month
  • Hovering over 'Disposable Income' also shows the difference between planned/actual amounts.
  • Mac: fixed text fitting -- you should not see "unwanted" scrollbars
  • Preferences hint message added to 'maximum savings' options.

1.10.2636 --  May 25, 2021

  • Fixed SSL handshake error when checking for updates, broken in 1.10.2626 -- sorry (!).

1.10.2626 --  May 15, 2021

  • cadance update
  • fixed a *very* hard to find bug when doing 'altering' of non-recurring payments with manually added transactions.

1.10.2491 --  Mar 2021

  • MacOS Big Sur updates.
  • minor performance improvements.
  • fixed locale data.
  • fixed "text fitting" issues on Windows 10 for some scaling factors
  • disabled+tentative transaction float to the current better.
  • added paid/unpaid report.
  • fixed fonts for amount
  • MacOS dark mode improvements -- more then one :-)
  • Improved print/HTML output.
  • displaying a day note when hovering of the day number
  • double click on the day number opens edit day's note dialog
  • added new schedule 'last weekday of a month'.
  • fixed hilite color loss on repeated payment edits
  • fixed deletion of the new payment on alter (split).
  • a bunch of other minor improvements

1.10.2041 --  Aug 11, 2019

  • Allow 'k' suffix for amounts. For example 1.5k is the same as 1500.
  • Categories Quick type assist in Edit Payment.
  • Added hover hint on how to rename/delete categories via File -> List of all payments.
  • "COPY" Drag and Drop added for transaction duplication.
  • Double click on the day number in the calendar view opens Edit Day's Notes
  • Fixed invalid month links after PgUp/PgDown keys were pressed.

1.10.1800 --  Dec 13, 2018.

  • Major Preferences update + Searching.
  • Dropped Linux. :-(
  • 64 bit OSes only!
  • Updated engine -- faster performance on scroll.
  • default font sizes are larger.
  • Preferences allow to use Light and Dark theme colors.

1.9.16xx --  Dec, 2017.

  • Detailed Payment Pop-Up is shown when hovering over the description/amount and pressing and holding CTRL key.
  • Fixed printing/HTML export.
  • Offering Amount Adustment when adding a Wild Transaction
  • Fixed bug for very large resolution displays when displaying Transaction's Note Dialog
  • Corrected min/max bounding box hot spot in the graphs.
  • Maximum number of future months is 15 years.
  • Mac: Fixed handling of files names with spaces (again!)
  • Mac: Fixed 'Empty File' created, when running the application on its own, as opposed to clicking on a .bgt file.

1.9.1266 -- April, 2017

  • Avg/days added to the six months menu.
  • Styled Decimals added to the stats popup
  • Wider graph bars for more legible amount text.
  • MAC: correcting amount rendering code.
  • Rendering amounts on top of the amount graphs.
  • Saving errinfo.txt in the HOME directory.
  • Maximum number of future months increased to 96.
  • Fixed bug in the number of month remaining when using N_PAYS end mode.
  • Added "sticky" transactions option.
  • MAC: Handling of Budget->Quit.
  • Adjust stats pop-up relative to the window, not the display.
  • Added 'indefinite' range + 'Close' button to the 'All payments' dialog.
  • Added 'planned-per-year' to the stats.
  • y and m remaining added to details pop-up.
  • Fixed bug in 'payments remaining calculations'.
  • Changed '_' to "\ " in search
  • Min/max boxes on the graph are clickable now.
  • Added estimated amount per year.

1.9.979   -- March, 2016

  • Hovering over 'Disposable income' shows amounts per day;
  • Hovering over transaction amount shows a large pop-up with fine details about this payment;
  • Split payment corrections;
  • Font size changing by Ctrl+MouseWheel;
  • Better graph rendering, out-of-bound are highlighted;
  • "Payments remaining" menu is a little cleaner now;
  • Not saving the budget file when not modified;
  • Ctrl+Click on a transaction in the calendar view shows the "Edit Notes" dialog;
  • Better "rounding" for max savings;
  • Added "New Payment" in the "Pick A Wild Transaction";
  • "Grace days" highlighting is re-worked;
  • Split and edit payment is more robust.

1.9.88x   -- Aug 2015

  • mac: fixed underline bug in smaller fonts sizes.
  • mac: updated SWT
  • mac: jre is a part of the package -- no need to install java vm on its own
  • google drive changes (changed the way of saving *.bak files)
  • disable 'effects' in the font dialog
  • better scaling on the marginal values
  • added fixed/frozen scaling to the graph -- use menu button.
  • duplicated payments will have '(dup)' in the name
  • avg per month in the full stats added.

1.9.730  -- Jan 2015

  • Average Stats revamp -- to match mobile
  • Full stats show decimals if enabled in preferences
  • 'Remove Adjustment' button added to balance and amount adjustment dialogs
  • Mac: can open files with spaces in pathname
  • Mac: added file extension *.bgt association to be able open by double clicking on a budget file.
  • Double click on a day cell opens 'Add Wild Transaction'
  • Looking up for *.xlsx to verify if Excel is installed
  • Possible to have '&' in the description
  • Loan payment limit added.
  • Balance adjusting dialog is wider
  • Previous and Next Months cells have day number displayed.
  • Amount adjustment dialog an 'expense' tick added

1.9.535  -- Feb 2014

  • Fixed comment commas and new lines handling between devices.
  • Loading performance of very large budget files
  • Fixed filter crash (multiple spaces in a row)
  • New command line option to show 'URL' field in a payment dialog and transactions' menus. Please email if you want this option to be a permanent one.
  • Fixed report bug on months that have no transactions but have balance adjustments (hard to imagine this case but..:-)
  • Per payment default highlighting
  • Dialog to switch to the new day when crossing the day boundary
  • New command line option '-Z{0|1|2}' to disable daily balance display
  • Fixed bug -- reports had disabled transactions accounted
  • Reports -- disabled transactions gray background added

1.9.318  -- Feb 2013

  • Mac: added support for Java 1.7
  • ^S and ^Enter added to speed-up note saving
  • brief/full stats: sometimes missing payments on the last day of the months
  • brief/full stats: incorrect categorization when processing payments with '0' as the regular amount
  • brief/full stats: regular amount of '0' payments may appear in Income and Expenses at the same time.
  • fixed bug when opening main window off the displayable area
  • Fixed bug for locales which use ',' as decimal separator
  • '+/-' added to excel report
  • Number of month in Graph accepts (-1) to display up to 6 month from displayed month without going over to the next year.
  • Showing drop targets for the next and prev. months when dragging a transaction
  • Highlighing of a transaction added
  • Marking currently selected year/month menu items with an arror image when filtering or displaying all transactions menu.
  • Fixed rounding problem of balance numbers such as 49.9999999909
  • Prevent 'Full Stats' window from going off screen
  • Memorizing the state of the stats pane (visible/hidden) when exiting
  • Display of 'six months average' in Adjust amount window
  • Selective 'savings' message for '$' and '$$' in the Adjust amount window
  • Added proper 'Uncategorized Income/Expenses' into the Full Stats window.
  • Added 'Uncategorized-income/expenses' to the full stats window (sometimes entries were "glued" together).

1.8.284  -- Feb 2012

  • MAJOR CHANGE: 'Split payment' changed to 'alter transactions from ...'
  • docs typos
  • Full stats window position and size are memorized. Use Ctrl+Click to reset to defaults.
  • Scroll wheel month to month jump fixed.
  • added 'payments remaining' transaction menu item
  • transaction notes are searched by default when filtering
  • 'Filter these transactions' added to the transaction menu
  • 'Split' message corrected
  • Fixed crashing in preferences dialog
  • Fixed crashing on an invalid number in 'edit payment' dialog
  • Greeting dialog added: starting balance and one button mouse
  • Multiple instances are allowed by default
  • 'Recent files' added to the File menu
  • Auto split capability added when changing the amount (only!) in the 'edit payment' dialog.
  • 'Best Fit' option is enabled by default: important for smaller screens.

1.7.236  -- Dec 2011

  • fold/unfold details (top panel) view
  • fixed vista bug when not showing month label underline.
  • not showing disposable income's +/- field -- as it is confusing.
  • '%%n' will show the intermediate result before accepting
  • Year/Month label has a 'fast jump to a month' menu.
  • New filter token added 'range:'
  • Fixed bug when not setting the day of month to 1 on 'HOME' button action
  • Single instance is a check in the 'preferences' dialog now
  • Full Summary - clickable items are 'links'
  • Full Summary - clicking on a payment allows to see all matching transaction in the period
  • Full Summary - editing of payment directly from the window - for example changing 'Category'
  • Full Summary - fixed bug when data would be skewed on repetitive selection of the same range
  • Full Summary - displaying number of years/months of the selected range.
  • Code optimizations for slower (usually much more power efficient) systems

1.7  -- June, 2011

  • 'Adjust balance' menu item changed to 'Adjust balance (reconcile)'
  • Displaying the current filter on top of the calendar view -- in bright colors ;-)
  • '-' in the filter will display deleted (restorable) transactions
  • Monday can be set as the first Day Of Week (instead of Sunday)
  • Fixed bug for French locales where ',' is used as decimal separator and week days are displayed in French
  • Command line option '-B' (bill reminder) will look at all transaction since the last run
  • 'Mouse wheel' is a preferences option -- to flip over months
  • Fixed wrong html link in Help->Check for update->Download...
  • Mac: fixed bug when not properly handling closing of the window.
  • Linux: 64bit support added
  • Modified 'Split' message to be more informative
  • Added missing windows' icons
  • Fixed 'Split' of 'indefinite' payments -- the new payment remains 'indefinite'.
  • Fixed initial text size when using Best Fit with a maximized window
  • Only one instance of the Budget Calendar can run at a time (you can allow multiple instances -- use '-m' option)
  • New formula option: '%n' and '%%n' use the week's or month's income percentage
  • "Nicer" filter information display, and ability to just to a list
  • 'Add Wild Transaction' is a dialog now with a 'quick search'.

1.6  -- Sep, 2010

  • Fixed crash when user cancelled "Save as" on new budget, or existing budget.
  • Support for PgDN, PgUP, Home buttons for faster navigation.
  • Support of mouse wheel up/down.
  • Editing and Deleting of category names added (All Payments Dialog)
  • Window: get user's home '[My ]Documents' when Open and Save.
  • HTML report obeys the showDecimals mode.
  • Showing decimal points in Calendar view (if set in preferences).
  • Truncating balance instead of rounding in Calendar View
  • New 'note:' filter tag -- to filter notes content only
  • Fixed bug when filtering transactions' amounts in the Calendar View -- instead of the regular payment amounts
  • Displaying notes when using 'All transactions' menu item
  • Highlight filter match items in the 'All transactions' menu with '* '
  • Always have future months aligned to the end of the last available year.
  • New balance background color for "below minimum" balances.
  • When filtering is in use, the left and right months buttons will prompt/inform to jump to the first month that has match(es).
  • Retaining filter when open/close 'All Payments' dialog.

1.5  -- Oct 1, 2009

  • Added support for quick picks based on image tags (images/image.tags file);
  • Added Edit menu with 'Undo transaction move';
  • Added support for 'Undo Last Transaction Move;'
  • Fixed bug when selecting 'No' on the sum question when moving a transaction;
  • Removing all transactions after split on the original payment;
  • Enable drops of transactions into previous/next month when cells of the previous/next months are available;
  • Primitive Bill Remainder option added (-B option);
  • Max savings (when adjusting a transaction amount -- enter '$');
  • Changed total stats to total/up to this month/remaining;
  • Added 'total amount' for all transactions menu;
  • ToolTip text of a cell will contain names of transactions that are restorable;
  • added 'Auto Save' option -- a prompt on exit to save the budget file will be displayed if disabled.
  • -z option to disable showing '0' amounts on transactions.

1.4  -- Jan 13, 2009.

     New features:

  • 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th weekday in a month payment schedule added " for example you can now setup a payment that goes on first Monday of a month. Each payment has monthly frequency.
  • The "All Payments" dialog. Payments" menus have "All transactions" to quickly jump to a particular transaction.
  • The "All Payments" dialog. Filtering box added.
  • Tentative transactions added. This is a special breed of transactions that don"t have a particular day of payment (for example when you write a cheque it may be cashed within 60 days of the cheque date). These transactions automatically slide in their "time frame" until adjusted or marked as Paid. Check documentation for more details.
  • Highlighting of the tentative period when hovering over a tentative transaction.
  • Global notes, Day"s notes and Transaction"s notes added.
  • Unicode support added " locale characters could be used.
  • "Six Month Average" transaction menu item added, for quick assessment of the actual payments average in the last six months.
  • "All transactions" transaction menu item added " to quickly jump to a particular transaction.
  • Cell flashing when jumping to a transaction from the 'All transactions' menu.
  • Warning message suggesting to use ' Split ' when changing payment's amount.
  • Encryption (blowfish), "Unlimited History", "Best Fit" and "Number of Available Months" added to the Preferences Dialog.
  • "Best Fit" preference option for smaller window sizes. The transaction description will be shorted to avoid displaying scrollbars.
  • A hints window is shown when creating a new budget.
  • Keeping track of "regular" payments in a budget day. This allows displaying of planned vs. actual income/expenses added, see the "+/-" column in the stats table.
  • Day's in and out added " displayed when hovering over the balance field of a day.
  • Filtering added to the Main Calendar view for displaying/searching transactions.
  • Clicking on a stats category or payments assigns new filter automatically.
  • "Add a wild transaction" is split into two menus (newer/older payments) to reduce the amount of payments in the first menu.
  • Full Stats window allows selecting the starting date along with the ending date.
  • Windows: XP theme is the default now.

     Bug Fixes:

  • Crash when a payment"s description is the same a category (or the other way around)
  • Some Excel reports had issues with invalid references.
  • When entering registration code spaces are ignored.
  • File saving errors display.
  • Creating a backup file when saving into an existing file. The backup file is removed once the budget is successfully saved.
  • Password retries if a bad password is entered.
  • Fixed bug when not placing scrollbars in the "Brief Stats/Full Stats" dialogue on updates.

1.3  -- June 3, 2008.

  • Added Categories and their highlighting;
  • Change the way statistics calculated for transactions that change sign;
  • Fixed bug when help page didn't open.

1.2  -- May 7, 2008.

  • Fixed bug when using in a multi-monitor environment.
  • Mac: Fixed bug when not loading last edited file and config
  • Version numbering changes
  • Vista: Excel reports should open properly
  • Vista: HTML reports should open properly in Mozilla
  • New command line option (-c) added to specify a config file

1.1a  -- Jan 29, 2008.

  • Added support for grace period days
  • Grace period days are highlighted when hovering over a transaction
  • Added early pay option for business days
  • All Payments Dalog is resiable now
  • Added color legend to the All Payments Dialog
  • Added Transaction description display in the balloon
  • Added Use Indefinite End Mode by default option
  • Added Check for Updates Online Help Menu item
  • Added an information window to display errors if failed to save config.
  • Fixed: Tab order issues in the Edit Payment Dialog
  • Fixed: Auto-launcher when failing to open files with spaces in their name
  • Fixed: Balance calculation when using in the unlimited mode (-u)

1.0k  -- Jul 20, 2007.

  • Add 'wild' transaction creates sub-menus for payments with the same description
  • Payment sort bug fixed
  • "`" suffix added to the day numbers that have "restorable" transactions
  • Fixed bug when payment frequency was not validated.
  • Fixed bug when referencing payments' null images.

1.0j  -- Dec 14, 2006.

  • Added PAID and IMPORTANT transactions marking
  • Mac: fixed bug when not processing -n command line parameter correctly

1.0i  -- Oct 5, 2006.

  • Windows: Fixed transparency bug in PNG images
  • Extra images added.

1.0h  -- Apr 24, 2006.

  • Excel application is searched by *.XLS instead of *.CSV.
  • One button mouse support added.
  • Positive and Negative transaction amount colors and fonts setup added.
  • When a transaction's amount is adjusted to a different sign, a confirmation prompt is shown.
  • Mac: Fixed DnD bug for Mac
  • Mac: Fixed buttons centering.
  • Delete button added to the Edit Payment Dialog
  • Mac: Fixed closing issue for <10.4.x.

1.0g  -- Nov 28, 2005

  • Number of available months can be set by -n<n> option.
  • RCSID added (-i) option
  • Linux version added.
  • Mac version added.

1.0f   -- Jul 13, 2005

  • Fixed bug when total income/expenses/diff were not calculated correctly (when adjusted)
  • Transactions with 0.0 value are not shown on the top of expense list.

1.0e  -- Apr 12, 2005

  • Minor cosmetics fixes
  • Hover help added for the graph.

1.0d  -- Mar 29, 2005

  • Many more forecast graphs added
  • Preferences dialog added
  • Full Statistics Window Printing ability added.

1.0c  -- Feb 17, 2005

  • Detailed HTML Report added
  • Exporting to Excel added.

1.0b  -- Feb 10, 2005

  • Save and Save as... menu items added.

1.0a  -- Jan 12, 2005

  • Initial release.
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