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  • mqc (x86 QNX6.3 and QNX4) -- MiShell QNX Commander 2.3, a Norton Commander like utility for QNX6.  This package includes an simple text editor with syntax highlighting, a window based debugger that shows the source text while debugging. Click on the link to get more details.


  • BankRegister.msi – is a simple application for loading OFX files from your financial institutions onto your computer and displaying in a tabular form.
    Key features
    • OFX format file loading (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OFX);
    • Automatic categorization based on simple tags;
    • Quick and easy search;
    • HTML reports;
    • Color highlighting per account/financial institution;
    • Combined account viewing;
    • Sub-total groups to aid planning
    • Non-downloadable accounts with manual adjustments of balance.
    • Lots more -- install and explore.


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